He welcomed everyone.

  1. 2. Attendance


  • Wendy Nefdt
  • Shanaaz Abdol
  • Gavin Maggot
  • Rustim Ariefdien
  • Saadiqah Barends
  • Ryan Thys
  • Maselino Julies
  • Undere Deglon



  • Shona McDonald
  • Care Career Connection.
  • Rida Desia
  • Phathiswa Dyabhaza
  • Mike Ouwerkerk Ground Floor Labs.
  • Zubayda January Nyda Representer.
  • Julia Buchanan    Occupational Therapist.


Gavin Maggot opened up the Cbm session he spoke about who is IPDM.

Rustim Ariefdien our disability specialist spoke about why are we here today.

To achieve our Y.

1% caters for people with disability.

He also touches base on the lack of employment opportunity for people living with a disability.

There is a lot of differences we can make to improve our employment things.

Also the Government provides disabled people with a grant of R1780,00 also free health care, sub-housing, and transport. If a disabled person do a leadership from Seta they will receive R3000,00

Advice desk Service DAD. Next level Ipdm economic empowerment needs to use this network.

Processes going forward.

Maselino closed the Cbm and welcome everyone to the AGM 2019.


  1. Notice of Meeting


The announcement of IPDM General Meeting 2019 was read, and the meeting was declared to be duly constituted.


  1. Correction of the minutes of the previous.

There were no corrections to the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 20th September 2018.


  1. 6. Adoption of the minutes of the AGM held on the 10th of September 2018.

Proposed: Rhoda Accepted

Second: Maselino Julies


  1. Matters Arising



  1. Presentation of the Constitution.

Wendy Nefdt informed the meeting that the drafting of the amended Constitution is done.

Constitution was to present at the next AGM. A mandate to this effect was received unanimously from all members.



Rhoda Abrahams

Ryan Thys

Undere Deglon



Maselino Julies

Shanaaz  Abdol

Fierouza Van Rooyen

Shanaaz Abdol thanked all attendeesNot only do many of our members, affiliates and staff strive to achieve their goals, they do it despite their busy schedules and, often, their own difficulties. Chairperson thanked everyone and especially the Board Members for the time they put in.

A special Thanks shoutout, once again, to the attendees, the presenters, Thanks to Epilepsy SA for the venue and the organizers for a successful meeting
The meeting closed at