On the 14th February 2014 a Disability Employment Summit took place and was facilitated by the Department of Economic Development & Tourism and the Disability sector. As an outcome of the summit, the members of IPDM as well as other interested parties felt it was necessary to get together to discuss how collaboration between the various disability parties can take place, with the purpose of being able to coordinate and direct interests from employers insofar as disability sensitization services are concerned.

Consequent to that, numerous meetings were held amongst the parties but no definitive direction was decided upon.

On the 14th August IPDM facilitated a collaborative workshop which aimed to guide interested employers to disability sector organisations that have supported employment and sensitization programmes in place. HR and Ops executives were encouraged to attend this workshop. The workshop was a great success and positive feedback was received for this type of collaborative process to continue.

IPDM is essentially not a services oriented organisation and does not wish to reproduce the services offered by its various members and other organizations within the disability field and sector with regards to disability sensitization services. IPDM believes that its role is that of facilitation of a collaboration between its members and other stakeholders within the disability sector.

In this regard IPDM has 3 channels of distribution for linkages and resources:

Capacity Building Meetings which are held bimonthly; these meetings allow participants to share platform for information sharing within the disability sectors.
The IPDM Newsletter is a quarterly publication that is distributed to interested parties that contains information relevant to the disability sector.

IPDM Advice Desk which shares information and awareness with people with disabilities at certain SASSA offices and community health centres. There are two desks in Delft, one in Mitchells Plain, one in Athlone, Gugulethu and Lotus River
IPDM is proposing is that the collaboration is extended to these channels, where information is shared insofar as the disability sensitization product service offering of relevant parties are concerned. IPDM is in the process of developing further channels such as a website and a social media strategy. Through these channels it will promote disability related services offered by providers.

IPDM will encourage all organisations and interested parties to utilise the channels described above and showcase their service offerings. Articles can be submitted to the newsletter for publication and advertisements can be placed in the newsletter, at a fee, if it’s a product that is being advertised for commercial purposes. IPDM will be able to distribute relevant information through its advice desks. Once the IPDM website is up and running, the service offerings can be showcased there with the necessary linkages to the relevant providers’ websites.