In 2012, Epilepsy South Africa received a funding allocation for a learnership for 250 people with disabilities from the National Skills Fund.
This allocation was divided into 2 phases (Phase 1 and phase 2). During Phase 1 a total of 250 people with disabilities were enrolled into the learnership and received training in Business Practice, NQF 1.

The Phase 1 learnership was completed at the end of August 2013 but the clients did not receive a qualification certificate from the SETA involved, due to a delay in the finalization of the moderation processes by the SETA. The training provider however provided a statement of results to each of the learners.

We recently received news from the SETA that they concluded the moderation of the Phase 1 Learners and the learners will now be able to receive their qualification certificates.

During 2014 another group of 250 people with disabilities were enrolled for phase 2 of the National Skills Fund allocation. This group was divided into 3 learnership programmes:

Early Childhood Development learnership (For 50 people with disabilities)
Furniture Manufacturing learnership focusing Cabinet making, Upholstery and Finishing (for 50 people with disabilities)
Business Administration learnership (for 150 people with disabilities)
The phase 2 learnerships will be completed at the end of October 2015. Throughout both learnerships the learners received Psycho Social Support services from Epilepsy South Africa to ensure that they cope with their disabilities and the pressure of being in a learnership programme. As an organisation we are excited to report that we will be hosting a graduation ceremony that will take place during November 2015.

The Phase 1 learners will receive the National qualification from the SETA and on the same day, each of the Phase 2 learners will also receive a statement of results from the training providers. One of the learners who participated in the learnership had the following to say: “Learnerships at Epilepsy do make a difference”